Enjoy a beverage in our vintage inspired tea shop…or order your drinks to go!


Illy Coffees 
*Espresso…short, with a perfect crema   £1.50
*Americano…espresso and hot water   £1.60

*Cappuccino…espresso, steamed milk and foam   £1.90

*Latte…espresso and steamed milk   £1.90
*Mocha…espresso, pure chocolate flakes and steamed milk   £2.20
*Iced coffee…blended espresso, ice and milk   £2.00

*Extra shot   30p
*Soya milk based drinks   30p
*Monin syrup   30p

Teas and tisanes 
Served plain or with milk or lemon
*English breakfast tea
*Earl Grey tea
*Lady Grey tea
*Tick Tock rooibos tea
*Tick Tock rooibos green tea
*Rooibos vanilla tea
*Rooibos chai tea
*Pukka organic 3 mint tea
*Pukka organic 3 ginger tea
*Chamomile tea
*Cardomon tea    All £1.40
*Fresh mint infusion served in Morrocan teapot and glasses   £1.60

Award winning Choitime chinese teas 
Please ask for details of these amazing and delicious health giving teas
*Damask Rose   £2.00
*Exotic mixed flowering bulb   £2.50
*Chrysanthemum flower   £2.00
*Jasmine pearls…The Rolls Royce of the tea world!   £2.50

Chocolate etc 
*Valrhona 70%  pure chocolate flakes (illegally good!)   £2.00
*With whipped cream and marshmallows   £2.40
*Chocolate fondant…a shot of velvelty thick chocolate cream   £2.50
*Horlicks…a hug in a mug, served in a vintage mixer   £1.90

Five dollar shakes 
We make these awesome thick and creamy milkshakes with
Green & Black’s luxury ice cream   £3.00
*Oreo…Gingerbread…Peanut butter…Pistachio…Caramel…Choc banana
*Nutella…Chocolate mint

*Your choice of milkshake pimped up with malt powder…
50s Americana in a glass   £3.50

Ice cream sodas 
Is it a dessert…is it a drink?
Fentiman’s botanically brewed sodas served with a foaming scoop of
Green & Black’s luxury vanilla ice cream and a long spoon   £2.50
*Curiosity Cola
*Victorian Lemonade
*Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger
*Ginger Beer
*Dandelion & Burdock

Cold drinks 
*Vittel mineral water   £1.00
*Organic orange juice   £1.50
*Kid’s milk   50p
*Filtered Corporation pop   free!
Chegworth Valley juices   £1.50
*Apple & beetroot
*Apple and rhubarb
*Cox & Bramley apple
*Apple & blackberry
*Apple & elderflower
*Pear & raspberry
*Apple & cranberry
*Apple & strawberry
Fentimen’s botanically brewed beverages   £1.95
*Curiosity Cola
*Victorian Lemonade
*Mandarin and Seville orange jigger
*Ginger beer
*Dandelion & Burdock